Let Us Create Your Business

At Fenners Law, PC, we create and register your North Carolina business. We draft your initial legal agreements and, if you like, we can also create your business website.

We Like North Carolina LLC's

For the majority of small businesses, the LLC provides a flexible and easily manageable structure. At Fenners Law, we specialize in the creation of North Carolina Limited Liability Companies.

Agreements To Get You Started

Business relationships tend to be controlled by legal agreements. We create your LLC's Operating Agreement. If you operate a website, we can also draft your organization’s Privacy Agreement and its Terms and Conditions of Use Policy.

A Website For Small Business

In the crowded market of web design, we have chosen to be a niche player. We only design websites for new small businesses.

A New Kind of Law Firm

"We have eliminated the 'office visit'. Our entire Business Start Up service offerings can be completed online. More importantly, it can 'easily' be completed online! We dispense with all of the 'lawyer pretense' and 'tech-no-babble' and we offer you a service that you can complete while sitting on the couch."

Robert Fenner
Founder, Fenner's Law, PC

Getting Started

Starting a business is more than just opening your doors and declaring yourself 'open.' Successful business ventures start with great ideas. Success requires a complete understanding of your business idea, the courage to constructively criticize and modify your thoughts, and the discipline to organize and document your ideas and business revelations. Our goal is to give you the tools to get started.

Business Formation

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Operating Agreement

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An effective business website is almost as important as creating the business itself. The purpose of a business website is to connect you to your future customers. That's why we also offer a professionally designed website to get you started.

Web Design Service

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How We Work

When you are looking to open a business, information is an important commodity . You will need to develop a marketing strategy. You must determine which state and federal regulations impact your operations. Our free Business Start-Up Checklist is a great place to start.

Hire Us Online

To engage our firm, we will ask you to review and digitally sign our Legal Services Agreement. Except for its digital format, an online digital signature is legally identical to a handwritten signature. Sign in any browser or mobile device. You will not need to print or fax a single piece of paper.

Answer Our Online Questionnaire

We ask you to complete an online questionnaire. We use your answers to create your LLC and to draft your legal documents. Complete our questionnaire at your convenience.

We Create Your Business

We create your LLC and register it with the IRS and the N.C. Secretary of State. We draft your legal documents and answer any questions you may have. We accept credit cards and debit cards. If you purchase a website, we launch it and provide a tutorial on editing and updating the site. Turn around time for the completion of our service is about 10 working days from receipt of your questionnaire answers.

Ready To Get Started?

Starting a business is more than just opening your doors and declaring yourself 'open'. With our competitive flat fee pricing and our online document delivery service, you can focus on business, not on avoidable delays and high legal fees.

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