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A Website to Announce Your Arrival

New small businesses have different requirements to more seasoned large enterprises. Most new businesses have budget constraints. Most do not need all of the 'bells and whistles' of large corporate websites. We only design websites for new small businesses.

Update Your Site Yourself

You can update your site yourself without the need for any software or additional training. You can change text and add pictures. When you make a change to the site, it updates immediately.

Works On All Devices

All of our website offerings are based on our Business Services Template. Our Business Services Template is not only beautiful, but it is functional. All of our websites are mobile-ready and responsive. Your site will adjust and adapt to the width of any device and any browser.

How We Work


Creating a website is about organization and presentation. We ask you to complete an online questionnaire. You will be asked about your business goals and plans. Our goal is to tailor a site that speaks to your wants, but includes all of your needs.

Presentation and Revision

You know your business, and we want to help you present it to the public in a meaningful yet convenient and subtle way. You provide the initial draft of text that you would like to see on the site. We will collect any images, files or links that you prefer after you answer the questionnaire. We confirm all project details before we create your website.

Launch and Afterwards

Our goal is to introduce your business as a fresh and welcome alternative to your competition. Our Business Services Template is modern and beautiful. It loads fast and can be viewed on any browser or device. You can easily edit and update your site at your convenience.

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We Create Your Website


Our Business Services Template will form the foundation of your website. As part of our service, we will add your images and content to the template to produce your website. Our goal is to give your company a professional online presence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the websites you design based on your Business Services Template?

Yes, our Business Services Template forms the basis for all of our client’s websites. While we can customize the template’s style to showcase your content, there are certain style parameters and functionality that cannot be changed.

Our Business Services template is divided into sections. You have control over website color, text, images and the order each template section is presented. Please review a demonstration of our Business Template.

Do you offer e-commerce solutions or an online store?

No, we do not offer e-commerce or online store solutions. You will not be able to sell goods and services from your website.

Do you offer web-hosting?

No, we do not offer web hosting. Web hosting is a paid service that enables your website to be viewed on the internet. After creating your website, we help you to locate a web host and we also help you to upload your website to their servers.

What are domain names and how do I get one?

Do not confuse your domain name with web hosting. A domain name is your website’s address. For example, Fenner’s Law, PC’s domain name is www.fennerslaw.com.

You will need to purchase your domain name from a company that sells domains. We will help with the registration of your domain name.

Ready To Get Started?

If you would like us to design your business website, please first familiarize yourself with our Business Services Template and the information in our Template Guide. Second, review our fees and schedule a free consultation.

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