Articles of Organization

Your organization's Articles of Organization is the 'creation' document that establishes your LLC in North Carolina. Once filed and approved, the Articles of Organization legally create the LLC as a registered business entity.

We specialize in the creation of North Carolina Limited Liability Companies or LLCs. For the majority of upstart businesses, the LLC provides a flexible and easily manageable structure. LLC's work best for small businesses with one or just a few partners who actually work in the business. If your business requires outside investors, the use of stock options or other elaborate corporate structures, then the LLC structure may not be for you.

Advantages of LLC Formation

Tax Flexibility: Generally, like a sole proprietorship or a partnership, an LLC is not considered a separate taxable entity from its owners. This means that your LLC will not pay taxes by itself; rather, the owners do on their personal tax returns.

Easy Set-Up: Starting a Limited Liability Company is generally faster than traditional incorporation.

Less Paperwork: In terms of paperwork (and especially when compared with C-Corps or S-Corps), LLCs are very flexible. Generally, you’ll want to have an LLC Operating Agreement so you can choose the specific rules that govern your unique business.

Limited Liability: A North Carolina LLC creates a separation between the individual and the entity. LLCs protect you from personal liability if your business goes bankrupt or injures someone or otherwise runs into legal difficulty. In other words, even if your business might fold, courts and creditors will generally not be able to take your personal assets.

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